About Us

The Hebbe Sisters

”Are you actually sisters?” many people ask. Yes, we are and we’re incredibly close to each other. Working together with your sisters has many advantages. We often think along the same lines and have the same musical intentions. Our individual voices chime in perfect unison since we are siblings. We’re proud to be known for our pure joy, charisma, musicality and stage presence and for performing music we genuinely like in our own three-part vocal arrangements.

It’s essential to us that the music comes from the heart and creates a lasting experience. We move across genres such as jazz, pop, soul as well as classical music and musical theatre, often in combination with dance or other art forms. We’re inspired by performing artists who are humble yet confident. Those who are competent, driven and dedicated. Those who have the courage to express vulnerability which, in turn, gives us strength. We’d like to think we actually have these qualities as a trio and that The Hebbe Sisters is a unique concept that we’re looking to nurture, develop and share with people around the world.

Our Background

Right in the middle of the Värmland woods.” That’s where we’re from. It all began in a little red cottage in the countryside where we grew up with our parents, cats, goats and sheep. Along with our parents – pianist Ulrika Hebbe and cellist Lars-Inge Bjärlestam, who are both performing musicians and make up the Duo Sentire – we have given recitals and concerts for as long as we can remember. Dad would sit in the cherry blossom arbour rehearsing while we danced around the garden with our favourite lamb. It really was a childhood idyll – like something out of an Astrid Lindgren novel.

Our strong passion for music developed early in life and so did our respect for both the art form itself and for hard, dedicated work towards achieving goals. We’re grateful that we’ve never been pushed into working with music and that we’ve always found our strong motivation within ourselves. As you will see from the video clips and photographs below, our musical journey began at a very early age as we sang famous children’s songs on tour with our parents, took part in theatre performances staged by the Wermland Opera and in Georg Riedel concerts among many others. In 2009 we reached the semifinal of Sweden’s Got Talent which, in turn, paved the way for new exciting adventures.