The Hebbe Sisters & Duo Sentire

The Hebbe Sisters and Duo Sentire offer a musical experience that unifies song, music, dance and poetry in a range of moods. Let this extraordinarily talented family take you on a mesmerizing journey from joyful swing via tap dancing to classical gems by Chopin! They’re always looking to connect with their audience and make each performance a memorable musical experience. Their music is aimed at older and younger listeners alike, reflecting a broad spectrum of emotions and helping you find joy in life – a concert program suitable for chamber music festivals, village community centres, corporate events and anything in between.

Duo Sentire is made up of pianist Ulrika Hebbe and cellist Lars-Inge Bjärlestam. They have extensive experience as performing musicians, both individually and as a duo, and have toured across several continents. They have also taken part in a great number of TV and record productions and represented Sweden at various international festivals. As Duo Sentire, they have won particular acclaim for their ensemble interaction, their musical temperament, their sheer joy of playing and their ability to blur and transcend musical boundaries.

Together, the Hebbe family have released two albums – En strålande jul (2016) and På vår blomstrande äng (2017) – and toured Switzerland no less than eight times in the past four years.